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Promoting the authentic version of Lingala

Today, through this initiative, Lingala Vision would like to restore to Lingala its nobility by making you discover or rediscover his rich and diverse vocabulary. Through LingalaVision, you will be introduced to the real and non altered language and learn the correct vocabulary and writing in Lingála. Learning or improving Lingala is a good way if you want to learn real native expressions that have been lost and replaced by French ones. Learning or improving Lingala will open several doors to experience new friendship, relationship and career opportunities Our aim is to make accessible this beautiful language. The experience will be agreeable thanks to the visual dictionary format that makes the words fun to learn and easy to remember, whatever your age. Child or grown-up, LingalaVision is the best way to improve or reinforce your knowledge in Lingala.Interested in knowing  more about Lingala? You are at the right place!
Interesting in African languages? You are at the right place. LingalaVision is a website promoting Lingala, a Bantu language spoken in Central Africa mainly in both Congo: Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo where is national language but also in Angola and Central African Republic. Lingala is a language said to be spoken by 40 M of people.Thanks to its highly appreciated music, this language has spread throughout Africa and even beyond the continent.As Lingala is a language that adapts easily to the environment, it has over the years absorbed many foreign words. As both Congo are  former Belgian and French colonies, there is a huge influence of the French language. The form of language that is spoken today is a mix of Lingala itself and French.

Our values

We believe that Lingala is one of the best African languages to learn. Our aim is to reconnect people closer to the most authentic form of Lingala and to spread that beyond Central Africa.





Our services

We have a lot of images that you can download free of charge. You can also acquire some images as a poster or in a booklet in exchange for a small fee. Our material is perfect for a classroom or to study on your own.
We have also great online tools to help you to count, say hours and date in Lingala. Clear her to know more. Soon, we will be able to offer a full range of translation services.


You will find a range of learning material in the form of posters, booklets, numbers to text converters, dictionaries, words puzzles… Everything you need to upgrade your skills in one place!


Either a Lingala learner on your own or a teacher,  you will find a lot of free learning material to learn or improve your knowledge like numbers to text converters, words puzzles, audio recordings…


Already learning Lingala and looking to be more comfortable when speaking  or just want to exchange with other speakers? Either in a one to one session with a native speaker or in a group, we offer a conversation club.
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