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  • by Luca Lampariello
    “Narrow listening, I propose, will be most valuable to second language acquirers who find uncontrolled casual conversation too difficult to understand.” Stephen KrashenLinguist and educational researcherEnter Lingophil.  If you’re one of the many language learners, especially an intermediate-level learner, who struggles with understanding native speakers then this may be your golden ticket to finally overcoming that bothersome […]
  • by Luca Lampariello
    “I want to sound like a native.” Most people begin their language learning with that in mind.  And what does that mean, exactly? Perfect pronunciation? Unlimited vocabulary? Complete comprehension?  To get to that point  maybe you even envision yourself as someone who speaks your target language, like a famous actor or TV host, and maybe, just maybe, you […]
  • by Guest Writer
    My name is Davide Gemello, I’m the man behind Podcast Italiano and have been helping people learn Italian since 2017. But long before that, thanks in large part to the creator of this blog, I've been into learning foreign languages. I have also studied translation and interpreting, even if I never took it up professionally, […]
  • by Luca Lampariello
    The best methods are therefore those that supply "comprehensible input" in low anxiety situations…these methods do not force early production in the second language, but allow students to produce when they are "ready", recognizing that improvement comes from supplying communicative and comprehensible input, and not from forcing and correcting production. Stephen KrashenDear Reader,  It’s time to address […]
  • by Luca Lampariello
    Language learning, at its simplest, can be broken down into two fundamental components: input and output.  Input: Listening and reading Output: Speaking and writing.  Most people acknowledge a person’s output, especially their ability to speak a language, but rarely do we consider the importance of input. In fact, today, I’d like to discuss an important question that’s being […]

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